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Who we are…

November 8, 2009


Skeptron Alumni Association of Singapore (SAAS) was organized by alumni from Cebu City and Davao City. SAAS has its origins from a bigger fraternity and sorority in the Philippines known as Alpha Kappa Rho. The fraternity has hundreds of collegiate and community chapters, local alumni associations and specialized professional associations spread all throughout the Philippine archipelago. There are also a number of International Alumni Association Chapters all over the world. Alpha Kappa Rho was founded in the University of Santo Tomas on the 8th of August 1973. At present, Alpha Kappa Rho boasts of over 500,000 active members worldwide.

In Singapore as of 2009, our strength has ballooned to forty active members. The Skeptron Alumni Association of Singapore thrust is more inclined towards humanitarian projects and services to the Philippines in general and to the communities in particular. We practice a common hierarchy of purpose where, the service to our country through humanitarian projects is one of the five determinants of our existence.

Skeptron Alumni Association of Singapore will make it a priority to support all the future activities of the Filipino Community in Singapore and the Philippine Embassy, as well as continue our unwavering service to our country and the communities in the Philippines.